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Get to know 5 Lion Gold Slot Gacor Game, Easy Jackpot!!

sergiocampanaracing – The 5 Lion Gold game is a slot gacor game that released in 2018, but this game at that time was not very interesting and very difficult to play.
Currently Pragmatic Play has remake everything in this game slot online, using 5 reels and 3 line games, this game has an RTP of 96.52%, therefore this game is also included in the type of easy jackpot slot gacor game.

On the reels, you’ll see 9 down to A as well as the favored Fenghuang turtles, koi fish, frogs, birds and dragons.
The latter is the most profitable and results in 7 times your bet for 5 on the payline. The golden lion is wild and replaces all scatter bar symbols.

Some Features of Slot Gacor 5 Lion Gold Slot Game For Easy Jackpot

The features in the 5 Lion Gold slot gacor have 3 types of jackpots with fixed winning values, namely:

  • Small: give 15 times your total bet
  • Major : give 250 times your total bet
  • Big: give 2000 times your total bet

This Jackpot can appear in two different ways the first being the Gold Roll Jackpot.
In each spin, in the main game features and free spins, random reels turn to gold, up to a maximum of 5 reels. 3, 4 or 5 gold reels trigger a small or big jackpot respectively.
Another way is through the Caishen Random Award which can be triggered randomly and available in the main game and free spins, this can give you free spins or jackpotbonus games.

In this bonus game, you can choose gold coins which will then give you the Jackpot, that is, by combining 3 of the same symbols to get the right jackpot.
However, if you want to try a potential win of 7000x your bet value, then you must trigger the Free Spins feature and simultaneously land the scatter symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Once logged in, you can choose one of 7 options each of which has a unique combination to earn free spins and multipliers.
The least stable options will get you 24 free spins with a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier, while the least stable options will give you 6 free spins and a 15x, 30x or 40x multiplier. There is also a mysterious option where you get a random multiplier number.
If you are lucky, you can get 24 free spins and a multiplier of up to 40x.
Once the free spins have started, a multiplier value is chosen at random on each spin.

The 5 Lion Gold slot gacor is indeed not very interesting to play and also the graphic design display is a bit outdated, because the main aspect that makes online gambling games much in demand by the public is the appearance of attractive and fun graphic designs and narratives.

However, 5 Lion Gold is also quite popular because it has a fairly high RTP value in official online slot gambling games and makes this game a fairly qualified competitor in the biggest online jackpot slot gambling industry in Indonesia.

A little introduction about the 5 Lion Gold slot gacor game, it’s easy to get the jackpot on the official slot gambling site.
Hopefully this article can be useful for you beginners who want to play online slots and don’t forget to visit our site by clicking on the chattogacountyga link that we have provided in this article.
Thank you and have fun! 😊

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