Guide to Playing Fantan Casino Online for Beginners

sergiocampanaracing – In this article, I will share a guide to playing live casino fantan for beginners who are new to online live casino gambling. The types of online live casino gambling games are currently increasingly in demand by gambling players, because the types of games available on live casino gambling sites vary widely and can be played online without having to go to a land casino.

But for those of you who play at land casinos more often and are new to the type of fantan live casino online gambling game, you may be a little confused about how to play it, and for that, here we will explain how to play fantan live casino gambling and the types of bets in more detail.

Not only about how to play fantan live casino gambling, here we will also explain how to win in this online casino gambling game, because if you only know how to play without knowing how to win it will be more difficult to make bets. So you need to know that this type of online fantan live casino game is indeed slightly different from other types of casino games.

This fantan live casino game also uses bowls, buttons, sticks and also a large transparent bowl to shake the buttons. Then after the buttons are shaken, each button will be arranged in a row which in each row is filled with 4 buttons. Because this fan tan live casino game uses bowls, buttons, sticks and a large transparent bowl to shake the buttons. Then after shaking each button will be arranged parallel, where each row consists of 4 buttons.

After the buttons are arranged to the end, it is the rest of the buttons that will determine who the winner is in this online fantan live casino gambling game. An example is if all the buttons are arranged in a row and then 3 buttons are left, then the 3 remaining buttons from your opponent will be what you need to guess to win the game. Very easy to understand right?

But you don’t feel satisfied first, because when playing Fantan Liva Casino, there are also several types of bets that you must understand. If you want to know the type of bet, then read this article to the end.

Guide to Playing Live Casino Fantan Online

The first step you have to do in playing fantan online casino gambling is to learn the types of bets on the game. But before we proceed to the discussion about the types of bets, there are things that you also have to pay attention to when playing this online fantan casino gambling, namely in playing games on this fantan live casino gambling site there will only be 1 to 4 buttons that you have to guess, so don’t be surprised if the opportunity to win in playing this one casino game is quite large and if it turns out that there are no buttons left then it will be counted as 4 remaining buttons.

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Several types of bets on online live casino fantasy games, namely:

  1. Odd Bet Type
    Where you only place odd numbers in this bet, there are only two odd numbers in the fantan bet, namely numbers 1 and 3.
    Then if you win on this type of bet it will be paid 1:1, then an admin fee of 5% will be charged.
  2. Bet Type Even
    Even bets are the same as odd bets, but here you have to choose even numbers over odd numbers. There are 2 even numbers that you will find later such as number 2 and number 4, if your partner wins this type of bet then you will be paid 1:1 and will be charged 5%.
  3. Shen Sam Song bet
    This one bet is a type of bet that is made by guessing 3 numbers at once, if from the 3 numbers there is a number you choose, it will be declared a winner.
    But if the 3 numbers you choose and the numbers that come out in the game are outside the numbers installed, then you will be declared defeated. Example: If you choose the number 1, 3, 4 but what comes out is 2 then it will be declared a loser.
  4. Nga Tan bet
    This type of bet is the same as the Shen Sam Song bet type, the difference is that here you can choose 2 numbers to place. Example: If you place a bet on numbers 2 and 3 but what comes out is 1 or 4 then you will be declared a loser.
  5. Nim Bet
    This bet has 2 meanings, namely win and draw.
    Example: If you place a bet on numbers 1 and 4, but what comes out is number 1 then you will win, if number 4 will be declared a draw, if outside these numbers it will be declared a loss.
  6. Fan Bet
    This one bet is played by choosing 1 lucky number between 1, 2, 3 and 4, if the number that comes out is outside the selected number then you will lose, if you succeed in guessing then you will win.
    Example: If you place a bet on number 2 and what comes out is number 2 then it will be declared a win, but if it is outside the number 2 then you will be declared a loser.

Those are some things that you must understand when playing fantan live casino gambling online.

If you already understand and want to start playing the game, please click the link that we have provided in this article to try playing the casino online fantan game.
Thank you and have fun!