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Point Combination Value of Capsa Susun Online

sergiocampanaracing – Games that rely on playing cards such as capsa susun/ capsa stacking, of course, must know the combination of capsa stacking cards well. The Capsa Susun game is one type of online poker game that has many benefits and advantages when playing it. This game is also in great demand by the community of poker gambling lovers from the young to the old.

In this article, I will share with novice players who have just started playing online poker, the value of the Capsa Susun card combination that is most in demand by poker online gambling lovers at idn poker play.

The main thing you have to do is set a winning target that you want to get when playing at a trusted poker agent. Of course all players want to win while playing and win all rounds of the game at the table. So it’s very important to set a winning target and then move into the locker room with new players who don’t understand your Capsa Susun technique.

Because if you play too long at the same table, then surely other players can see your game technique when compiling a combination of Capsa Susun cards.

Learn How to Get Winning Points from Capsa Susun Card Combinations

The following is a combination of Capsa Susun cards with points when making high combination cards:

  1. Royal Flush Card (Central Settings)
    When you can make a combination of capsa royal flush cards in the middle arrangement, you will get an additional 22 points.
  2. Royal Flush (Bottom)
    When you can make a Royal Flush combination card, you will get an added value of 11 points.
  3. Straight-Flush (Middle Row)
    When you have a middle row straight flush, you will get an additional 18 points.
  4. Straight-Flush (Bottom Row)
    Straight Flush Card Type In The Bottom Row, Then You Will Get An Additional 9 Points.
  5. Four Of a Kind (4 Same Symbols)
    When you manage to make a 4 of a kind card arrangement, you will get an additional 14 points.
  6. Four Of A Kind (Bottom)
    If you manage to make a combination card of this type, then you will get an additional 7 points
  7. FullHouse Card
    When you get a full house type card in the middle or bottom row, you will get an additional 3 points.
  8. Threes Card Arrangement (3 Pairs)
    And if you get a threes combination card of this type, then you will get an additional 5 points.

There is another type of the highest capsa susun card combination to get a lot of winning points, namely the Dragon Card. This type of card is the rarest card in the Capsa Susun game, for example Dragon Card gets a combination of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A (Diamond, Club, Spade and Heart)When you can make this dragon card arrangement, the points you will get are 208 points.

So a little explanation about the arrangement of cards that can win the Capsa Susun game on the best poker gambling sites. Hopefully it will be useful for you beginners who want to start playing the poker online game Capsa Susun on an Android phone and win lots of jackpots.

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