Guide to Play Capsa Susun Online IDN Poker

sergiocampanaracing – If you don’t know, don’t like it, maybe this analogy is very appropriate if it is intended for players who want to play capsa susun online.
Having an understanding of the game can certainly be a very valuable asset for you later.

Playing the capsa susun online game is actually quite easy, because you only need to arrange the 13 cards dealt by the bookies into a combination with the highest card arrangement value.
How to play capsa susun online and also when compiling cards should not be done carelessly and must be in accordance with the capsa rules that have been determined by the trusted idnpoker site.

Please note, every player who participates in the game will be given a time limit to arrange cards. The card arrangement rules in the capsa susun online game are also unique, where the 13 cards dealt by the dealer must be arranged into 3 parts. The arrangement of cards with the highest combination must be placed in the lowest row with 5 cards, while in the middle row which also consists of 5 cards, the arrangement of cards must not be smaller than the top row and must be at least the same.

Of course, there are still many online poker gambling players who often experience errors in card preparation. There must be a reason for this to happen, right?
Through the information I gathered from several sources, it can be said that the lack of understanding of how to arrange the correct cards is the biggest obstacle for every player when playing the capsa susun idn poker game. The time given by players to arrange cards is also only 1 minute and of course it will make players even more confused when arranging cards.

Recognize the Symbols and Combinations of Capsa Susun Online IDN Poker

If you pay attention, each playing card consisting of 52 pieces also has 4 types of symbols or symbols. For some people, the symbols on the cards may be just variations to enhance the appearance of the cards, but did you know that these symbols have a very significant role when playing capsa susun online ?

  • The Black Spade symbol is a symbol that symbolizes winter.
  • Red Love Symbol is a symbol that symbolizes spring.
  • The Black Club symbol is a symbol that symbolizes summer.
  • The Red Diamond symbol is a symbol that symbolizes autumn or fall.

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The card with the spade or spade symbol is the card with the highest symbol and value in the trusted idnpoker capsa susun online game, while the love symbol is the second, third and final diamond club. After you understand the rules of card symbols in the capsa susun online game, now the admin will provide an explanation of the combination of card arrangements from the highest to the lowest.

Although it has little in common with the game of texas poker, the highest card value in the online capsa susun poker game is not a royal flush, but a Dragon Card combination. To be able to get this Dragon Card combination depends on your luck, because the percentage of this Dragon card combination is the lowest and rarely comes out in capsa susun online games.

  1. Dragon Card
    To get a Dragon Card arrangement, you must have cards in a row with a combination consisting of cards worth 2 for aces. To make it easier to understand, the 13 cards you have must have a different value from each other / must be of complete value. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a combination card, then you are entitled to a 52 point bonus in a round session at the betting table.
  2. Six Pairs
    If you have often played offline capsa susun games, of course you do not understand this combination of card arrangements. Just like the dragon card combination, this six pair is also a very rare card combination in the capsun poker online game. If the card composition wins, the dragon requires each player to have a sequence of card values ​​in order. Very different from the six pairs.
    The 13 cards obtained by the player must have 6 sets of cards of the same value. According to the sources I got, it is not known how many points players will get if they get a card combination like this.
  3. Royal Flush
    For online poker gambling players, you must already feel very familiar with this one capsa susun online card combination. In order to get a royal flush combination, you must arrange 5 cards with consecutive values ​​and the same symbol. The thing you need to know is that the ace card is one of the requirements to be able to get a royal flush card combination.
    Although it is quite difficult, the chances of getting this combination are higher than the 2 card combinations above. As you already know that luck when playing online gambling games cannot be predicted. If you are lucky and get a royal flush combination, then you are entitled to a bonus of 22 points.
  4. Straight Flush
    The straight flush combination bears little resemblance to the royal flush arrangement. Both of these combinations must have a card arrangement consisting of consecutive card values ​​and the same symbol. The thing that distinguishes these two card combinations is the ace card, because to get a straight flush, the card owned by the player must not exceed the King card.
    In the capsa susun online poker game, there are two important things that you must pay attention to if you want to get a straight flush card combination. If the combination of these cards is arranged in the middle, the player concerned is entitled to a bonus of 14 points. However, if the straight flush is on the bottom line, then you will get a 7 point bonus from the round session.
    Keep in mind, even though the payout in the middle row is greater than the bottom, it doesn’t mean you can lay out cards just by following the number of points. The thing that you must pay attention to if you want to place a straight flush combination in the middle row is that the combination of cards at the bottom must be higher than the middle.
  5. Four of A Kind
    The fifth highest combination in this capsa susun online poker game also has a unique card combination. This four of a kind card arrangement must consist of 4 cards of the same value, for example: Q-Q-Q-Q-A. The possibility to be able to get this card arrangement is also not as difficult as other card combinations.
    Because it is still a combination card that has a jackpot bonus, a 10-point bonus is entitled to get the player concerned if he manages to arrange a card in the middle. But if the combination of four of a kind is at the bottom, then you will only get 5 points.
  6. Full House
    It can be said that the full house is the last line in the bonus combination category in real money capsa susun online card games. In order to be able to get this card combination, it is still relatively easy because the probability is higher than other combinations.
    The points given to the combination of three of a kind and two pair are 5 points. You are entitled to these points if you manage to make a full house combination card arrangement when playing capsa susun idn poker online.
  7. Three of a Kind
    In capsa susun online games, the combination of three of a kind and four of a kind actually has the same card arrangement more or less the same. Only the number of cards with the same value distinguishes the two combinations, where in a four of a kind combination each player must have 4 cards of the same value while in three of a kind each player only needs to have 3 cards of the same value.
    If you pay attention, every arrangement of cards in this real money capsa susun online game is interconnected. An example is the full house card combination, where to make this combination you must have three of a kind and two pairs.
    The thing that makes the three of a kind card combination even more interesting is the number of points. In addition to the 3-point bonus that you will get, the percentage to get this card combination is also much easier when compared to other jackpot bonus card arrangements.
  8. Flush
    flush combinations can also be referred to as derivatives of the royal flush card arrangement in real money capsa susun online games. In order to get a flush combination, players must have 5 cards that have the same symbol and the 5 cards do not need to have consecutive values.
    Although not a bonus card, at least with a combination like this you already have a good chance when the card is pitted against another player’s card. The possibility of being able to get a flush card combination is also very large.
  9. Straight
    This combination is the same as a flush card combination where to get a straight combination you must have 5 cards with consecutive values ​​with unequal symbols. Although not a combination of cards with high points, the possibility of getting this combination is quite easy.
  10. Two Pairs
    If you have often played offline capsa games, you must be familiar with this one card combination. It can be said that of the many combinations of cards in capsa susun online games, pair cards are the arrangement that is most often obtained by every player when participating in the game.
    This combination consists of 2 sets of cards that have the same value and are very often placed in the middle row of the card arrangement. It can be said that these two lines are limitations that are often used by capsa susun card players to place their combination cards.
  11. One Pair
    This card combination is better known as a pair of cards that have the same value. Just like a two pair combination where the placement of this card combination can vary, which can be used as a complement to the full house, in the middle row, or above.
  12. High Card
    The High Card combination is the lowest card combination in the capsa susun online game. The composition of this card is also quite unique. Where in the arrangement of the cards does not have the right or good combination. Therefore, more and more capsa susun online players are placing cards in the first section.